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Artificial Intelligence and Conservation: Systems/Causality
Fuller Seminar Series - Artificial Intelligence and Conservation
Series Overview
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has left the lab and now affects many aspects of our lives - from our smart phones automatically categorizing the photos we take to automated resume readers which sort us into viable and non-viable job candidates. Conservation organizations like WWF have long used AI to monitor the health of wildlife, forests, and other ecosystems, and just like everywhere else, new applications of AI are accelerating our ability to understand the world around us.
The series will focus on how AI is being used to support conservation efforts. The series will discuss the past, present and future of how these technologies advance sustainability, with a focus on the future, and an eye on both the upsides and the risks of these technologies in a conservation context.

Seminar Overview
Seminar Eight - Artificial Intelligence and Conservation: Systems/Causality
AI is great for pulling signal out of noisy data, for classification, and for prediction. It can help us tell what something is and how it might change over time. But, can AI help us understand why something happens? In conservation, we want to understand what actions we can take to bring about resilient nature and communities. There are thousands of conservation efforts across the globe - some succeed, others don’t. Can AI help us understand what works and why? This webinar will cover the state of the art of AI based causal reasoning and its applications to sustainability.

Lily Xu, Harvard University

Apr 13, 2023 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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